Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wack Timbs On My Feet Makes My Cypher Complete..?

You are looking at what has to be THE worst pair of Timberland boots known to man. I saw these at Daffy's yesterday and had to take a picture. I can't imagine anyone seeing these and saying "I have to have them!" Who the hell is running things at Timberland these days? I can only think of a handfull of people who would ever wear these:

1) Subway Conductors: If somebody asks them for directions they can just kick the person in the face and show them where to go

2) Tourists: Most likely someone from Europe who thinks these boots are the epitomy of New York fashion. I can just hear it now..."Hey Yuri, check out my cool New York boots"

3) Outsiders: We all knew that kid in highschool who was just behind the fashion curve. Kinda awkward and desparate for acceptance. Back when I was in highschool that kid tried to wear ski googles to class just after that stupid trend died out. Now adays That same kid would wear these boots...cuz hey, they're Timberlands, right?

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