Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jeff Foxworthy: Tearing Families Apart

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I just found out that there's a home version of "Are you smarter than a 5th grader". Now I can honestly say that Jeff Foxworthy is trying to tear American Families apart. I can just see it now, a nice family brings this game home thinking it'll be a great time. When the father doesn't know the answer to one of the questions, his son starts laughing at him.

Son: Haha, dad, you don't know what a Rhombus is? I'm smarter than you!

Dad: Of course I don't remember what a Rhombus is, I'm too busy trying to pay the bills and put clothes on your back you little bastard.

The daughter starts crying in the corner as the dad flips over the table

Mom: Jeff Foxworthy is tearing this family apart!!!

End of Scene

P.S. Why the hell is Jeff Foxworthy hosting this? Isn't he the redneck comic? I'm surprised he knows how to read the cue cards on the show.

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