Thursday, January 10, 2008

SnackWatch Issue 3 Vol. 3

Welcome to 2008 all my fellow snackers. Its time to put all the snack triumphs and tragedies of 2007 behind us and look ahead to what the new year has to offer.


2008 has gotten of to an tough start thanks to a few trouble making snacks in the snack machine.

Oreo Cakesters (A cake-like version of America's favorite cookie) are the latest snack to have the office a buzz. At a wallet busting $1.25 These are among the pricest snack machine items in snack history. Some might try to defend the 3 figure price with the argument that 3 cakesters come in a package. Well, the Yankee Doodles with similar ingredients come 3 per package and they're only ¢85. At $1.25, you're just paying for that Oreo brand name. I looks like 2008 is the year of snack machine gentrification, so all the low rent snacks better watch out!

A Big thumbs down also goes to Keystone Party Mix. I was in the midst of an afternoon fit of drowsiness this past Monday. I thought I'd stop by the snack machine and buy something that'd keep me awake. At first, Peanut M&Ms came to mind as a snack that would wake me up, but then the Party Mix caught my eye. I said to myself, "nobody sleeps at a party, how can I go wrong?" Well, I'm sad to say that the party was as stale as an Amish funeral. Pieces of cardboard sprinkled with orange dust would be a glowing review of this disappointing snack. I'm usually a big fan of the Party Mix, but the world of snacks if a fickle one. If a snack doesn't bring it's "A" game on one particular day, it can mean banishment....FOREVERRRRR.

In keeping with the influx of exotic new snacks to the snack machine our beloved Snack Man has blessed us with not one but two flavors of Rhamen Noodles. Now I'm not saying Rhamen noodles are the best workplace snack, but when there's a choice between "Beef" or "Chicken" at the touch of a button, it makes me proud to be an American.

Contratulations are in order to Alicia Korney for completing last issue's crossword puzzle. She will be the proud recipient of $1 snackwatch dollar, redeimable at the snack machine of her choice.

Its time for the 2008 SnackWatch Survey.
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Anonymous said...

I am new to SnackWatch so please forgive me if I am treading on terrain already familiar to you regular readers.
I would like to use this excellent forum to highlight a snack that often goes unheralded but should be recognized for it's versatility and value as a snack. I am talking about CHOCOZELS. While a more appropriate name might be WAXOZELS, this hefty snack weighs in at 1.5 oz and packs CHOCOLATE and THE PRETZEL into each bite--all for ONLY 55 CENTS! Want sweet? CHECK!
Want salty? CHECK! We should all give it up for Chocozels.