Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby Born With Extra Penis...On His BACK!!!


A baby boy with an extra penis on his back was born to a rural Chinese farmer this week. The father immediately rushed the baby to a near-by hospital to have the penis removed. Doctors removed the penis successfully and said the baby was recovering following the surgery.

I always say there are two sides to every coin. I think the doctors probably should have weighed these options before going through with the surgery.


Giving girls piggie back rides will be awesome

You can always tell whether he's coming or going

He could become the inventor of the new sexual position "96-ing"


He can't wear mesh tank tops to church

Giving himself a pat on the back might be considered lude and lascivious behavior

Everybody that sits behind him in class will know when he's thinking about last night's episode of "Baywatch"

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