Friday, February 8, 2008

SnackWatch Issue 4 Vol. 3

The End Is Near
Ladies and Gentlemen, the snack world that we have come to know and love will never be the same again. There is actual fruit in the snack machine this week! I'm not sure who approved this, or what they're trying to pull, but this is going way beyond the line. Priced at $1.00, the DelMonte fruit cup is the snack machine's way of saying "The End Is Near!"

I predicted this would happen with the first sighting of a Nutrigrain bar. Little by little healthy snacks started to appear. Some trail mix would give way to Wheat Thins. Low Fat this and Sugar Free that. Before you know it you'll be pressing B-5 for a bushel of bananas.....B-5 people!!!!

Other than the inherent signs of dooms day appearing in the snack machine, all else is going well. This week saw the debut of Pop Tart toaster strudel($1.00) for those of you who like an international flair with your snack. The Oreo Cakesters are still holding strong at $1.25. Word around the office is that they're quite tasty. I won't find out how tasty they are until I get my annual raise...and steal a dollar from someone.

Those of you who like to slum it when it comes to snacks have a new choice in the ¢55 zone, Wise Nacho Twisters. These cheesy snacks are sure to satisfy your pre-lunch cravings. They'll also leave your keyboard covered in cheese dust, buyer beware! For those of you who don't like your snack to stain your office equipment there is still a wide variety of pretzels to be had in all shapes and sizes. Just be sure not to hit your head on the desk when you fall asleep while eating your precious pretzels...they are a BOR-ING snack!!!

SnackWatch Snack Pick Of The Week
This week I'm doing the unthinkable. My SnackWatch Snack Pick of the Week is not from our beloved snack machine. My co-worker brought in some left over Super Bowl goodies on Monday and I gorged myself on chocolate cake and cookies all week. The best part about it...It was all free, and nothing tastes better than a free snack. Lord knows I could use the spare change, after all...student loans don't pay for themselves.

SnackWatch Challenge
Name the only snack machine treat that doesn't have a vowel in it's name. Leave your answer in the comments section for your chance to win one SnackWatch dollar, redeemable at the snack machine of your choice.

Congrats to the winners of last issue's survey challenge.
Julie Murphy
May Burke
Julia Han

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Would the "&" in M&Ms be considered a vowel? It is technically short for AND.