Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Middle East Policy


With all this election less than a year away, a lot of issues facing America are being brought up. Healthcare and the economy are a couple of the major concerns being discussed, but my top priority is the situation in the Middle East. The Iraqi war is costing this country billions of dollars and Military strategists have failed at stopping insurgent fighters. Little did they now the answer has been in front of our faces for years...Trampolines!

As a young lad I would spend countless hours watching people seriously injure themselves on trampolines during America's Funniest Home Videos. Why do these people do this? Trampolines are irresistible, thats why! There's not one person in the world that can walk by a trampoline and not give it a go. If we spend a couple thousand dollars on scattering trampolines through out Iraqi war zones, the insurgents will do the job for us. How can they rebel against Coalition Forces with sprained backs and broken elbows?

Still not convinced? Check out this video of idiots on trampolines and see for yourself the damage that can be done.

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