Thursday, May 1, 2008

Only A Mother's Love


When I was 7 or 8, I got into my fair share of trouble. Running around the house with pillow cases on my head was par for the course, so were the huge welts on my forehead that followed. Visits to the emergency room were pretty frequent. You know its a bad sign when they dedicate an emergency room bench in your name. Thankfully most injuries weren't too serious.

As the result of one particularly bad spill, I lost both front teeth. This troubled my loving Mother as I was starting kindergarden in a few weeks. She didn't want me to look like a bad kid, so she had me fitted for dentures. I can almost guarantee I was the only 7 year old putting his teeth in Efferdent before saying his nightly prayers. Nobody could tell I had these falsies until I started slipping them in and out of my mouth during story time one day. Who would've thought having dentures could make you cool among the Kindergarden crowd.

Thanks Mom.

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